Oh the Randomness of my Life..

Oh how this is so very true. So these are the Random things aka things that I may or may not have peed my pants over..
just say-in..

1. Mario & Luigi Rockin out on the road.
Im driving on the road and look over to see this..I dont know about you, but I laughed

(So not only are they dancing, but they have GUITARS!)

2. This is L. and she has chocolate chip in her teeth.
It all started when there was a big tub of cookie dough. And we may or may not have been having a laughing fit. So she turns around after eating some of the de-lish dough, and this is what happens.

3. L is probably raging.
L, dont poop yo pants. Here is sicknast pic of me too.
-This was my first year of college. I was stepping over a vacuum cord. When one roomate lifts it up, and the other one shoves cupcake on my face while im tripping on the cord. thanks guys, love ya long time..NOT
4. RIP TO PHINEAS the Frog
Yes, Phineas the Frog, JUMPED OUT OF his water and shriveled up on the ground. Hopefully he wasn't my Prince Charming, or else I might have to resort to being a Mormon Nun-ness.


  1. haha! mario and luigi.. that would've freaked me out a little bit. and sad about your frog but... ew. lol

  2. hahaha!! yeah it was pretty funny! both mario and the frog. thanks for the comment :)