Down one week, 16 to go...

Not only do I have 16 weeks of school left, but sometimes I feel like I look like a baby dinosaur in pictures. Its just this really weird thing about me. And sometimes I think other people look like different animals in pictures. Its weird.
Don't Judge me.
Ok so now I have that out of the way, here is what the last 2 weeks have been like..
1. Hike of Awesome-ness. This is basically my lil Broha at school. We chill like nobody else's busis-nass.
And he lets me take his wicked cool longboard and ride it around

I love when people "magically" appear in my photos.2. See! Baby dinosaur..nuff said..
3. Boating with Ambassadors. Pictures on the way..
4. Leadership Training. Leadership training this year was awesome! There are 4 main leadership groups on campus. We had lectures, presentations, trust games, other great games. Basically it all brought us together. I love it!
5. Actual Classes..*music* DUN DUN DUN. It actually was not that bad. Im taking 18 credit hours, so it will be hard. But good to go. My Professors are AWESOME, so it should be fine. But I'll keep you posted through out the semester.
6. SCHOOL ACTIVITIES EVERYNIGHT! Our school is awesome like that. Monday,Stomp. Tuesday,Mentalist. He put everyones change in a bag, then quickly shook the bag in his hand. He then opened the ziplock bag and they were ALL BENT! yes, BENT! Wednesday,True Eagle(you kiss over Gibbi the rock) and BBQ. Thursday,jello slip n slide and Improv night. Friday,Pool Party.
*Now leave a comment* :)


  1. hahahahah girl you make me laugh so hard. i dont think you look like a baby dinosaur!

    what animal do i look like to you?

  2. hi cute girl! your blog is adorable! :)