5k, Disneyland, Beach, Swimming, Shopping...

This Cali Trip was freaken Bomb, just say-in

So here are some pictures of our Adventure *these are not even half of the pictures*

So, Kirst and I are standing there waiting to get are pictures taken, you know by the pros but whatev.. anyway this woman comes up and says "Hey girls, Im a rep with Nike. I was wondering if I could get a picture taken with you girls for our Ad that is coming out."

hmm..let me think about that.. uh CHEAH!!

Right after our 5k of awesomeness

This is my momma, she has never run a 5k before. But she did so well and didnt stop running. woo go mom!

After the 5k, Kirst and I decided to go swim for a baby bit while our moms were getting ready. This was right before ..


ok, notice this crazy hooligan girl with her hand in the air. Fact: She was freaken annoying in line, and we may or may not have been giving her the stink eye. And im pretty sure her friend(girl in the yellow) was on the same page as us. haha. woops, sorry.

So over 2 years ago, kirst and I took this exact same picture. oh wierd...
Aw man, we were SO TIRED!!! lets just go through the day.
5:30 am get up go to race at 6 am
6:45 race starts
8:30 am get home from race(thats with walking back and such)
8:45-9:30 swimming
10:30 am walk to DISNEYLAND!
10:45-12 am, RIDING RIDES, and such..
ok so these pictures are out of order. we actually went to the beach Friday, then Disneyland Saturday. just to put that out there.

Oh my! this picture makes me..*cough cough* does not make me pee my pants. gosh who does that. So kirst and I are walking down the beach, when we look and see..This man. In a speedo. standing by his bike. so what do we do, we take a picture. Right after this picture was taken, he turned around, saw us, then put his shorts on. ha
I have been to the beach many times, but i have never seen a sunset..until now.

Sunday we stayed in Vegas. We stayed in a hotel where the pool closes at 8 pm. WtCrap. In Utah they stay open till midnight. weird. so Monday morning we woke up to go swimming...with a pool that has the coolest slide EVER!! you go through a tank that has sharks, and big big fish in it. um hi. awesome!
This vacation was so fun!! we had a lot of driving, but alot of fun. so good to go. we left thursday, and came back monday. so you know what i mean by lots of driving

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  1. Oh yay!! We have twin Disneyland-first-letter-of-our-name pictures! ha.. and beach sunsets! Your blog is fuN:)