Bears.Beets...Battlestar Galactica

I might have a problem....
I've never seen the office because I could just never get into it.
Well...On Friday I started season one. It is now Wednesday and we(the roomates and I) are now on Season 4. Is that a problem? Yes.
Have I still gone to all my classes, and done my homework? Yes
Do I still workout every day and do my religious studies? Yes
So...Maybe its not that bad. But I did find myself saying "Thats what she said" today..

And this poster May or May not be hanging up in my roomates room..
ATTENTION: I have NOW removed all bananas from the kitchen
*Now, question. Are you addicted to The Office? If so, what is your favorite episode, and quote. *

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  1. TOTALLY ADDICTED! Except I haven't seen it in a while. I love everything about it. No way I could pick a favorite. Every single moment of that show is genius! But recently I watched the episode where Dwight defeats the computer. It's great. P.S. I love your blog design. :)