You know how every year you take a class and wonder "WtCrap? why did i take this?" Yeah pretty sure thats my thoughts right now. Its a computer class, and i learn nothing. Want to know why? Because he speaks soft and has a monotone voice that makes me want to sleep. I have to take this class to graduate(which is in DECEMBER! WHOO HOO!). But srsly..its lame!!! His lectures are boring, but he assigns massive amounts of homework. It takes me 3 hours to do one assignment. And im pretty computer savey, but its a step by step assignment that is why it takes FOREVER!!
On a more happy note, I went to freaken SNOWBIRD this weekend. It was so much fun! We had all my moms side of the family up there. We went swimming, hot tubbing, and played the Elevator Game. haha dont worry. The Elevator Game is just a game me and my cousins made up 10 years ago and we play it ever year. This year we had grandma, grandpa, mom and my aunt in on the game too. Oh good times. I just love my family :). Conference was awesome also, and it was so nice to relax and spend the time with the people i love :) good to go.
P.S. I suck at cooking. I was making hard boiled eggs this morning so i can get my protein in before i work out. Well i might have left it in to long, the water evaporated, and the eggs burnt. seriously, they were black. I might have left the eggs in for too long, and they reeked. whoops. sorry roomates :).


  1. You just described my Astronomy class.

  2. ahh hahaha... how did you forget about your eggs that they got burnt THAT bad??? hahaha.. i'm sorry!