I love October. Its one of my favorite months through out the whole year. I just love the feeling of the holidays arriving. Also, I love that I can start wearing my cute winter clothes without having to drive in the snow. blah. Anyway this week on tuesday night I headed back home. I had recruiting to do for the college this whole week so thats why I headed up north. This week consisted of..
*Learning to ride a Ripstick. which is so fun! Im basically pro at it now dont even worry..
*Watched Never Back Down. pretty sure after I watch that movie I just want to become a Pro Boxer. Its really wierd that it has that effect, but thats just what I want to do.
*2 High school a day for recruiting. That was so much fun! I love talking to High School students about our college. It was so fun :)
*Homework, yeah that was a downer but ya gotta do it. but good news! So I thought I had to finish 4 essays by friday. But then I got a memo saying it we didnt have to turn it in until Monday. BOO YEAH!

*Thanksgiving Point night of awesomeness. Dont worry, we got lost in a corn maze for 1 1/2 hours. good job to us, haha. but it was still fun. We were also jumping on these bubble things(i dont even know what to call them), and being out of control. There were a bajillion kids, and us 4 adults. being out.of.control. Was it fun? heck yeah! will i do it again? oohh yyeeaahh!

*Gots my hair did. So i just wanted to go darker. So i put this dark red in my bangs, and throught the back of my hair. I still have that blonde band from the summer. When i find my freaking camera cord I'll post pictures. Ps. remember a while ago i said i found my camera cord? yeah i didnt.. it was my grandma's. DANG IT!

*Watch the freaking BYU GAME! yeah boy!!! I LOVE BYU, Unga was tearin.it.up. But I must say when UNLV ran the whole field for a touchdown, I screamed. because that was basically legit. To bad they lost..
*Got invited to go to the Holy War. Yes, my grandpa invited me to go to the BYU vs UofU game. and who cant go? me. why? Because my family wants to spend Thanksgiving in St. George. That will still be fun though, I'm actually excited for that.

* Fell asleep watching Star Dust. Ok ps, dont watch that movie. Its a epic fail. Something about some chick being a Star, and a man who has to have her heart. yeah I dont even know because i fell asleep. I have this really bad habit of falling asleep in movies. Well, sort of. The first five minutes I can tell if i'll like it or not. If not, then my body just says "Put yourself out of this, and just go to sleep". So I do.. haha

*Hung out with Awesome friends, and family. Loved them. I went to two ward today. One was the home ward which i love going back to. I grew up with all of them, so its nice to see everyone :). Then I went to my singles ward from the summer, and loved it. Everyone there is just the best im excited to go back :). Life is good right now, as in now in this moment. Tomorrow will most likely be crazy. But at least fall break is soon. Thank heavens!! :)

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