Faith, Homesick, Not a Fan

So, this week is not a fan of me. And im not a fan of it. My faith, my testimony, my own self is being stretched. Im grateful for trials, and that I have the opportunity to grow. But for real.. its not fun. I have so much to do all the time. People need me here, I need to do that, turn in this, dont do that, blah blah. Im getting really sick of it. I hate that I dont have ANY time to myself. Sometimes I wonder why am I doing this? What am I supposed to be learning? Why am I supposed to be here? Because its hard, and I'm hating it at this moment. BUT I do know that im growing, and learning. So I need to keep telling myself. But I hate that I have to tell myself that things will be alright. Normally Im so happy, and crazy. I can find happiness anywhere. But this semester has worn me down, and I just feel like I could have a melt down at any moment. Which is NOT good. I hate that feeling.
Today I am homesick.. and I feel like running away. But I wont, because that would get me no where. Dang it..


  1. Hey Ashree, I'm right across the hall. If you ever need someone to talk to or just chill with, I'm here. You can come share a bowl of cereal, or watch Glee with me and my roommates, whatever.