Yesterday I....

Started doing homework. Yeah over fall break, lame I know. So I started taking pictures. Dont Judge.

I also am learning how to do stitching on jeans. You know those cute jeans that EVERYONE and their dog is wearing with stitching on the sides? yup im in the process of making those.whoo hoo.

My momma, brother and I went out to dinner at Chili's. It was so scrumpcious.yumm. Dont worry I got the half stack ribs, and loved every second of it. BOO YEAH!

Me and some of the girls had a GIRLS NIGHT. boo yeah! We went and saw Where The Wild Things Are. Which is hilar, and I loved it. Not going to lie, it dragged a little bit in the middle. Other than that it was a really good movie, with great music too! After that movie, we were on the search for The Proposal. We went to 2 differant Redboxes. None of which had it. So we were looking through other movies, when this girl came to return her redbox. She opened the case and what movie was inside? THE PROPOSAL. boo yeah! We were in luck there. So we went back to my house and watched it,and loved every second. Except it was about 2 am, and i fell asleep at the last part of it. Dang it. It was such afun night with the girls!

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