"Stuart! Easy on the Sugar! It will go straight to your heeaddd."

Yes, I love Stuart from MadTv. And that is my favorite episode dont even worry. Its true look it up. Anyway beside the point. Speaking of sugar. I have decided to go on the "no sugar" diet. Because personally I feel like I look a boat, or I look like I weigh 10 tons. I dont, but I feel that way. I work out everyday and eat very healthy meals. BUT, I love treats. who doesnt. for real. So im going off sugar with one of my good friends she will be called Twin. She's a redhead too, and basically the coolest girl you will ever meet in your life. Pretty sure things happen to her that doesnt happen to anyone. for instance, this is what she says.
"So remember all those "mosquito bites" all over me? well turns out I have chiggers. They should be gone soon with all the pink nail polish I covered them up with.".
"How the heck did you get chiggers?!"
"I was sitting on the bleachers talking to one of my friends one night. I just thought mosquitos were biting me, but turns out it wasn't."
"oh my, hahaha! that would happen to you."
Oh and don't worry. She sent off a missionary a couple months ago when she lived in Utah. She then moved to the South part of United States and started dating this boy. Turns out the boy is her missionaries old AP. How that happened, I'm not even sure. I just know I got a good laugh out of it. Anway, yeah so "no sugar". Its going to be hard. But worth it. Because I'm sick of feeling like a boat. end of story.

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