Thriller is my favorite song..

First of all, remember how I prank people. Yeah well I do, and I love it. But this time, the prankster just got pranked. This is what happened.. Paul came up to my room and handed me a pair of keys. He says "Hey these are Logans keys, so hide them well." Me looking confused said "ok i'll do it." So what did we do? We put the keys in a plastic bag and hid them in the sugar. Five minutes goes by, and we hear a knock on the door. My friend Andrew says "Hey do you have my keys?". "What? No I dont have your keys..Wait is Logan making you come up and get them." looking over both shoulders he says "Have you seen how big that kid is?" I just laugh and shut the door. Well some of the girls and I are sitting on the couch when I hear rustling outside. So I swing the door wide open and it all happened in slow motion. I see the boys running away and water flooding it. And there was NOTHING I COULD DO ABOUT IT! It seriously reminded me of the titanic scene. I ran back to my room to get my camera. By the end of the night the water spread past the coffee table, and back past the fridge. Oh it was epic. I will get them back. Don't worry.

Next, take a look at this. Holy crap. I think I was in first grade. And if I remember right, this was the same day a boy chased me on the playground trying to kiss me. Then I tore part of my fins. Dang that boy. Looking back I'm thinking..oh man what did my mom do with my hair!! Anyway that was a little blast from the past, now onto Halloween of 2009.

It started out Friday Night when some of the girls and I went to a dance at a university in the valley. It was fun, even with all the scandolous people there. Dont worry, do you see Best friend being the green m&m? well dont worry, the army man came up to her and started dancing on her moving his ripped body up and down. She just stood there not knowing what to do while I laughed my head off. I love her, oh man it was hilar! After that I see this group of boys dancing and they were KISS. oh my I already was in love. So BestFriend and I went over there and head banged with them, because we are cool like that.
The dance finished and we all started walking away. I look over to see my friend driving by us. Oh he is so funny. He dressed up like nerd, and I laughed my butt off. If you only knew him, you would think its funny. so all of us pile in his car, when two of the girls see another guy walking by. As they try to roll down the window(which was broken) they are yelling "Thats the hot guy we saw dancing!". So my friend pulls up next to him and says "Hey dude, aaahh these girls want to talk to you in the back. " Anyway long story short. They end up leaving with the boys, and BestFriend, Dar, and I end up going to one of our friends house. Loved it!

Saturday Night I wasnt really in the mood to dress up. It was really weird. So I grabbed a sweater and ripped it. Because I love that stuff, and that ended up being my costume. We went to a couples parties, and I ended up seeing a couple of my cheer friends! yay for cheer friends, I love them!
Anyway thats kind of what went on. It was a chill, nice weekend. I loved it :)

What did you end up doing for HALLOWEEN?!
What are some good prank ideas?!
Leave a comment and tell me all about it! :)

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