Down with the Sickness..

All semester I have been dodging all the sicknesses. There were a couple cases of Swine Flu, 3/4 campus has a cold or bronchitis. I didn't get it. I disinfected the counters and door handles once a week, used hand sanitizer like nobody else's buiz-nass. So guess who is getting sick the week of Thanksgiving? Yup the one and only. Boo. Guess who has so much homework and can't afford to be sick? Yup you guessed it. The one and only. I really am so bummed. But I loaded up on Vitamin C and Airborne so hopefully it wont get worse.

So earlier today, I'm chatting it up with "Dear Bobbie" (that will be his blog name). He is legit. and in a band. end of story. No just kidding that not it. He is so freaking cool, and we get along really well. Oh, so going back to chatting it up. So we are exchanging funny as heck text messages to eachother. He asks if I was in class, and I told him I got out of class at 3 45. I didnt even think twice about it.

I had gotten back from class, and all my other shinanigans at about 6 30 pm. I go and sit at my desk, and get on my lap top. I kept getting a wierd wiff of something. It smelt like an old folks home, but more sweeter. I couldnt figure it out. I kept asking Roomie if she smelt it. She said "No". Anyway at about 6 45, I go and sit on my bed. I look over to my left at my nightstand and there was a surprise. "Dear Bobbie" had left me pink lillies, Campbells soup, and a note. HOW CA-UTE! I couldnt even believe it! That was so sweet of him to do that. And I'm pretty sure I already feel better :)

But a little side note. Earlier today I wanted to drop off a little treat for him at his car while he was at work. So it's wierd that this all happened. Anyway so its 8 45, and I was at the store searching for a treat for him, while getting Airborne and Vitamin C. Yeah, he gets off at 9. So I was booking it. We got there in a knick of time because as I was almost home I got a text saying "WHAT THE! YUM! thanks for the treat" Boo yeah!! What an adventure that little surprise was.

So thats what happened today. It was a good day. I'm glad to know that there are nice boys in this world. Yay!
If your wondering if I will overdose on Vitamin C tonight, I will. And love it. Just say'in

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