Will I be seeing Jacob Blacks half naked body on screen?

Yes I Will.
Tomorrow will be a GLORIOUS day! I can feel it. Want to know WHY tomorrrow will be a glorious day? Because it is the day I will FINALLY see NEW MOON! I have been on the countdown since January. January folks! Thats a freaking LONG TIME! It's also the time when I will be able to see Jacob Blacks half naked body on screen. Call me whatever you want because I don't care. I will be enjoying every moment of it. I will ALSO not be on facebook for the rest of the evening and all day tomorrow. I want to go into the movie open minded. Because I know people will post status like "NEW MOON WAS AWESOME (then give away parts of the movie)." or "NEW MOON WAS LAME.. blah blah blah.." That is why my friends I will stay away from it. OH HOW I CAN NOT WAIT!!

P.S. Yes I am a crazed fan. But I would never leave my husband(if I had one) for Edward or Jacob. I also don't look for the type of relationships place before in the serious. Thats just stupid and dumb. When dating a boy I never think "He is not like Edward so I cant date him." That's horse hockey, and any girl who is that crazed, is weird. Allison and Kaylen may say other wise, or that I used to be like that. But I'm not. I just enjoy the books and movies for how they are, and I LOVE IT.


  1. ha ha ha ha you know i love ya!

  2. ha ha ha only 90% of the time. No just kiddin kay kay. Love ya too!!