Honest is Hottest/ Best Prank Ever

Ok, So I have ALOT of stories that I could write about. But I get scared that someone will cross this blog and know its about them, or whatev's. Sometimes I wish this were Annon just so I could write about everything like the MormonBachPad. But I would have to call myself the MormonBachette, or ...you get my drift. So since I'm not annon, I will just have to be honest.

Ok, so to start of this epic moment. A bunch of us were wanting to have an adventure. After an hour of the funniest texts ever, I wrote "Dear Asian looking friend who shall not be named. If you can find a couple scary masks for our adventure tonight, that would be suppurb. Thanks The end."
What did he do? He brought over a Mask of a president who shall remain annon. I told him that we should go scare the Tools on the first floor from their outside window. He then looked at me and said, Or we could lift you up and you can scare someone on the second floor.? Brilliant my friend. So they lift me up, and I grab on the the window on the second floor and fix my mask. I knock a couple times, and wait. I'm waiting, then knock again. I can see someone walking towards the window. The butterflies are fluttering in my stomach. He opens up the blinds and I say "Hello" he then gets this shocked look on his face. I mean who wouldnt when your 8 feet in the air and wearing a Presidential mask. So he then opens up the window and SPITS slash sprays me with whatever was in his mouth. When he does this my friends that were holding me up, let go of my feet (yeah thanks guys) and take off. So that means I'm hanging from the window, 8ft in the air. The man then raises his arm like he is going to deck me in the face when I let go. Yeah I let go, and dropped 8 ft onto my hip. I busted out laughing hard core. A couple of my friends were just watching and then they started yelling at the guy. "Your a such a (man part four letter word), you just spit on a girl!"
"Well what would you do if someone was at your window on the second floor?!"
Im still on the ground laughing, when I realize this is the 30 year old man who lives in the Dorms and calls the cops on people for noise. So I scream "RUN!" So we all book it to the side of the building. This all happened in a matter of less than 2 minutes by the way, but it was all in slow motion. And..If your wondering if we did it two more times after that, welp...we did.

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