Coming to a Close..

As this Fall semester is coming to a close, I'm starting to feel sad. Boo for being sad. I'm not a sad person, I tend to laugh and be happy at most things. Its crazy to think I have spent the last 2 1/2 years of my life here. I'm only 3 weeks away until I graduate and move on to my next adventure. What next adventure? I have no idea. But that is another story in and of itself. Ok so back to being sad... Oh yeah.I'll miss it here. I have made so many friends, and have had so many great experiences that I will never forget. How grateful I am for my Heavenly Father sending me here, and that I listened to what he wanted me to do. My last day of work is on Thursday, and yet again I'm sad. I work with handicap adults, and I LOVE IT! I definitely have a special place for them in my lil h<3art.
So enough with being sad. Now on to the things that make me happy..

1. Nerd Glasses make me happy

2. Nike Shoes make me happy

3. Face-In-Hole makes me happy and surprising Roomie with lovely pictures on FB. Did you know she was Helen? Welp..she is.

4. New Moon makes me happy.. And how I got tickets for next week. Boo yeah!! 9 DAYS!

5. A Christmas Story makes me happy. Did you know there is 44 Days till CHRISTMAS!
6. My life makes me happy..

Now tell me what make YOU happy?!


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  2. Cassidee! ha! I'm excited to come home, and kirst tells me that she is too. So thats good :). oh man, yeah they are basically the same town..fun for us right? ps. jax was so stinkin cute in his halloween outfit! oh my, i love that he was chucky. that is so james' doing. haha. Thanks for the comment Cass! hope all is well with you :)

  3. I just have to say that I think you're awesome. And I loved the things that make you happy. Sometimes I get caught up with the hard and sad things in life that I forget what makes me happy.

    Thanks. I need that. :)

  4. ash!!! thank you for your sweet sweet comment.
    ANNDDD how freakin gorgeous are you?? you make me jealous. jealous but i heart you!! love your blog girl.

  5. megan! you are adorable and a half! It looks like you had a great time in Australia :) thank you for your comment! Your welcome, I needed a good reminder on what makes me happy.
    Alexa! you are so welcome! Your blog is so cute, and you seem like such a strong woman with all you have been going through. i really enjoy reading your blog because you always have the cuttest quotes and B. you are adorable and a half! Im so jealous! thank you so much for your sweet comment, thank you thank you :)