Looking back on the past 2 1/2 years..

The past couple years of my life have been spent in "College Town". Picture this..Small town, hicks, nothing to do. Or so I thought. My first thougths of this town were not the thoughts that have happend these past years. It has been filled with fun times, hard times, sad times, and happy times. They have been filled with such great people who have been such great examples to me. There have been Fun times, as in making forts in the living room just because we felt like little kids that night. As in random ghost hunting trips, funny pranks, or the night we spent getting ducked taped to the wall. Or just the nights we all sat up laughing because we were slap happy. The times when roomates pantsed me everyday for a week. The times when I pee my pants because my roomates knew the right things to say to make me laugh..that hard(Do not judge). Hard times as in being away from home, and learning to depend on myself to get things done. Or going out and finding a job, and learning on my own what I want to do in life. Hard times as in realizing I forgot to write a paper and it's due in the morning. Or when I DON'T get along with a roomate at all, and feel like screaming; but end up loving them for who they are. The times of being left to do all the dishes and there is mold growing on a pan that someone else used. blah. Sad times such as learning my first love doesnt love me anymore. Or after every year of getting to know such great friends and then having saying goodbye to the friends that have been so great and seeing them move on. The times I cried in my bed because nothing was going right at all, and nothing was happening the way I wanted them to. But looking back, they were right and that is what was supposed to happen. The times when all the boys wanted to date the roomates and I felt so alone. But in the end, realizing that great guys are worth waiting for.
Happy times are when you meet people that put a smile on your face. Or when someone stayed up talking with you about life. Happy times as in getting a picture from your friend who has special needs, and  they say "I love you" 40 times a day. The times when things are hard, and rough, but knowing there is a light at the end. Happy times are when each year, your put with your best friends that you get to share these times with.

These past couple years have been awesome. I know that my Heavenly Father has placed me here for a reason. Those exact reasons I'm not so sure. But I do know that I have had such great experiences here at "College Town". I have learned so much in school, and also from all the people around me. There have been alot of awesome people that have impacted my life, and I thank my Heavenly Father for sending me here. And for also placing those experiences, and people into my life. I'm going to miss "College Town", and these past years will not be forgotten.
* I wanted to post pictures..but it wasn't working. I will post pictures later :). And I hope this post made sense.. I just write and hope it all works. ha

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