Sometimes I find Obama in my bed..

This is the famous mask that has been with us all semester. Well Sunday night "Dear Bobbie" and I took the mask and set it on one of our chairs. So when people walked into our appartment they would get freaked out. It worked by the way. So my roomates were fed up with looking at him. So what did they do? They stuck it in my bed and put the covers over it. Here's what happened..
I was all finished with my finals, so I walk into my room. My two roomates were in helen and I's room talking to eachother on her bed. I sat at my computer and just chilled for about 10 minutes. I walked out of my room and into the kitchen to get a drink. I stand at my door and noticed that my bed was made. Well ish. It looked like someone was IN MY BED. So I crept up to my bed and poked whatever what in my bed. I then unfold the covers and BAM! There obamas face laying on my pillow.

Notice the shoes in the bottom left? It looks legit huh? this picture was taken before I got into the room
This is the picture she took when I opened up my surprise on my bed. I then pretty much fell off my bed..
and into this stance. Because my heart stopped..
All is forgiven, and I gave him a kiss...
Anyone have any good Prank Ideas?

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