New goal for Ash Att

Sometimes it is really hard for me to get motivated. Not all the time, because im pretty motivated with alot of things. But there are some things that I just say "Meh" too. Like how somedays my friends will be out to eat and i'll say "i shouldnt be having this icecream in my hand..meh". you see? It doesnt happen alot, but sometimes. Gosh I just want to be like all the other girls my age. Who dont have to eat healthy or work out, and they have little rockin bodies. I seriously hate it. But im blessed with a carb sensitive, every sugar i eat turns into fat kind of body. yay for me. So now that I got that out. I'm sick of complaining. I'm sick of looking at myself and thinking "why would any guy even think Im cute". or "why cant..this or why cant that.." blah blah blah.
So TODAY my friends, I made a new goal. My goal is to have lost 15 lbs by my 21st birthday. I'm going to do it. Im going to eat right. and Im going to work out everyday (except sundays). There I said it. Im sick of feeling down on my self. So here we go...


  1. trust me, you are not the only girl who can eat whatever she wants and still have a rockin' bod.
    just sayin'. :) you and i have the same goal in mind, except i'm already 21. ha.

  2. I'm excited for this. I want to get in shape too. I don't want to be out of breath after walking up the stairs to my apartment.

  3. Hey I have a good friend doing a biggest loser contest. You contribute 10 bucks and then at the end of the time period, who ever has lost the most percentage takes the pot (I think its 100 bucks so far) You keep each other motivated through the blog. Its http://biggestloserfun.blogspot.com/

  4. yay jody thats so fun! we will have to keep tabs on eachother about this.
    dude freaking Shelby we are going to have hot bods pretty sure. ha. thanks cass for the link! :)