Happy Christmas

For some reason around the holidays, I'm always brought back to random childhood memories. Memories from my old house, and old friends. Or when it was just me and my little brother in the family and we would all go searching for a Christmas tree down by my grandparents house. It was always snowing, but I remember looking through all the trees and just thinking how beautiful everything was. After we all froze our butts off, we would always have hot chocolate as a little family. Then we would all hop in our little blue minivan and listen to kozy 106.5. My little brother would always sing the *kozy 106.5* and we would all crack up laughing. Or even looking back and remembering some of the gifts we got as little kids. The 101 dalmations tent (that I kicked my lil bro out of..always). Or even that red jeep that we rode down our neighborhood. Looking back, we always got the gifts we asked for. I don't remember one christmas that we didnt get what we wanted. And I dont mean that in a snotty way. I mean that in my parents are awesome and Im so grateful for them kind of way. I remember a couple times in our house hold when money was tight. My mom was working and my dad had just lost his job right before the holidays. It was a hard year, but my parents always made sure us kids were happy. How grateful I am for such great parents, and the examples they set me for.

This Christmas was great! I loved every minute of Christmas eve and Christmas day. Christmas eve we all got together as a family and ate..alot of food. YUM. We then did our tradition of the grandkids putting on a talent show. My little cousins sang(which was HILARIOUS). My brothers played the cello. My little sister and other cousins played the piano and sang. What did I do? I sat there and enjoyed it. After we opend gifts, then watched A CHRISTMAS STORY. All time fav for sure! If any of you are my facebook friends, you would have noticed all my quotes..dont hate. ha. Christmas morning we opened gifts, and ate breakfast! My mom always makes her famous Sticky Buns. mmmmhmm. After that we just vegged all day. I loved it. I mostly cuddled with my new snuggie while watching movies with my family. I loved every second of it. How grateful I am for such an awesome FAMILY. I love my Savior and all he has done for me.
Hope your Christmas was "joyful and triumphant" :)


  1. I love that you just used the word veg. haha. I had never heard it until I came to Price and met Lacey. Haha. She used it one day and I was like... "What did you just say?" It was pretty funny.

    I love Christmas traditions. :D Best time of year by far.. and no doubt about it.

  2. Em! haha veg is such a funny word pretty sure. yes christmas traditions rock just like your face! whoo!