Letter to Miley..

Dear Miley "Ray" Cyrus.
My sister loves you. and on some days I love you too. I really love your "Party in the USA" song. Probably because its the song all my "college town" friends and I dance to. Awesome. But thats beside the point. My point is my little sister loves you, and your "hoedown throwdown" song. So that is why I gift you with a video. First of all, that "line" dance, is freaking hard. Who made that up? Anyway thank you for making our hearts full of joy.
P.S. dont turn out like Lindsey Lohan. Thats no bueno.
Love Ash Att.


  1. PLEASE let her not turn out like lindsey lohan- EW times 1 million.

  2. Baha! This is epic! I l-o-v-e it!