New Look for 2010 and VLOG

On Saturday I got my hair did...and I wanted to try something new. So..I did. I like to change up my hair, im kind of wierd like that. I always have the same colors in it, but where the colors are always change. Anyway I think this is my favorite look so far. Im excited for this great ol year of 2010. Its going to be interesting to see how this year turns out. Ive got some plans ahead of me, but its just a matter of time to see if they work out. Anway here are some pictures of my hair, and if you click on the youtube link there is a VLOG I did with miss Shelby Delong, aka my favey fave lady!
This picture is my creeper picture to Danielle. baha.
Click the link below to see my VLOG with Shelby!


  1. I freaking love you. You are a HAW-T. no lie.

    hahah our vlog is so amazing. NO LIES.

  2. You are gorgeous! No lie!

    You+Shelbser+Vlog=Epic hilariaty!

    Wingasm, ladddiiieesss!