New Years Eve at the "Bates Motel"

This is a really long post, so I apologize. But keeping reading, you dont want to miss anything!

Best Friend and I went down to play with my "College Friends" for New Years Eve. They called me a couple days before to invite us to this fun night. They said "oh yeah it will be fun we are renting out a hotel room and going to just play games and party there". I thought it would be pretty sweet, and I always have a ton of fun with them, so we were game. So here is the thing, I know there are a butt load of pictures on this post.
First we pull into the motel and the Motel lights flickered. You know on the way scary movies when people pull into the hotel they are going to die in, and the lights on the sign flicker? Thats what happened. So we check in, and drive to our room. We walk in and im pretty sure the first words out of my mouth were "holy ----, where are we staying?" HAHA. It was pretty bad, but we really just laughed the whole time. So we sat down on our lumpy, sunk in beds and ate our sandwhiches. I dont know if that is just refection or an orb in our picture..
This looking at the front door.
This is our room. Oh and the tv had 4 channels. One of them being "bisexual teenagers". So we just stuck with "Wild Hogs" on abc family.
This is the bathroom where you can take a shower, pee and brush your teeth at the same time. But you wont..unless you want a disease.
Dont worry though, we had the scent of "Black Ice" in the bathroom so we couldnt smell the stench.
I dont know if thats a spider leg or bestfriends eye lash...But that hair was there when we got there.
I dont know how long this fly swatter has been there. yay for fly guts
So the heater wasnt working below(probably because it was ripped off and full of dust). so they had this heater in the room for us. Thanks :)
*side picture* whoops i forgot to fix it before I uploaded this. but check out the door. It had one lock on it, and the door didnt even shut all the way. hahah!

So after our adventure of taking funny pictures in our room, we all got in the car to go buy spray paint. So when we got back from walmart, we went back to our room because that was where we were meeting at. When we got back, our door was not shut and our beds were a mess. Good thing we put all of our stuff back into the car...
We then all got back into the cars, so we could go spray paint peoples snow. If that was your house..it wasnt us.
After we spray painted some snow. haha. We went to play hide and seek at the old movie theater. Ugh I hate hide and seek because whenever im hiding I ALWAYS have to pee. It doesnt matter if I went right before..It always happens. No I didnt pee my pants..but I got pretty scared a couple times. While we were playing everyone had been found, except for Kevin. So we all went searching for him when we hear this "BANG THUG CRASH". We look over and all the dust and smoke is spraying out of the vents. "What was that? Did something just start on fire?" So we walk to where we heard the noise come from, and then we look up. What do we see? This FOOT hanging out from the ceiling. Yes my friends, Kevin had found and entry way ABOVE the furnice and hid up there. Until the ceiling gave way and he fell through. ahh whoops? HAHA pretty sure it makes me laugh out loud just re living that moment in my head. We play a couple rounds of hide and seek then realize the time. We have 3 minutes until midnight. 3 MINTUES? HOLY!! There was a big group of us, so we did a countdown until midnight. It was pretty awesome. 2 girls..the rest were guys. Best Friend kissed hunk of a friend "Hulk"(because he looks like it). Ahh man I didnt kiss anyone at midnight. So it was about 10 after when we left. We were standing by the car in the FREEZING cold trying to figure out what to do. We all decided to go watch Angles and Demons at our friends house. 3 people had already got into the back seat. So I went to sit in the front. I was half way in the car then I got back out. I shut the door, looked at "Dear Bobbie" and said. "I'm not getting in the car until you kiss me!". He started to blush and walked over and we kissed. My friends were all cheering and laughing. You see "Dear Bobbie" does not show any pda at all. Which is nice because im the same way. BUT it was New Years and I wanted a kiss. So I just had to do. Thats why I slammed the door and told him to come kiss me.
After that we all watched a movie aka I fell asleep. It was about 3 am when the movie ended and we went back to the Bates Motel. Bestfriend and I didnt get to bed until about 6 am. We both woke up at 8 15 WIDE AWAKE. Ask me why? I dont know. At about 8 30 we hear someone trying to open up our door. BF and I are freaking out. The guy that checked us in walked into our room. He just looked at us and said "oh ah..sorry" and walked out. WTCRAP?! Man, that freaked us out. Bad. After that lil moment we just layed there chatting it up until about 10 30 when we checked out and drove home. This trip was SO MUCH FUN!! Even though our place was a little sketchy..Im glad we went. We just played all night with my friends and I loved it. And Im glad we just "cowboyed up" and stayed at the place. The other two girls ditched because they couldnt hack it. But BF and I stayed, and it was a BLAST!!
Oh ps remember how we got back and our door wasnt shut and our beds were a mess? Well its because our rooms got double booked. My friends got booked for our room also, but saw the room and beds and went right back to check out. HAHA. good thing they were just my friends and checked out..or else that could have turned bad. ha. Can you imagine walking into your room to find random people staying there? YIKES. Anyway that was our NEW YEARS EVE EXTRAVAGANZA! Hope you all had a great New Years! :)


  1. I couldn't have hacked it in that room either. I wouldn't have even taken my shoes off, even to shower. I am a germ freak. James told me that when he was working in Price for Codale he went to check into that hotel and walked right back out.

  2. HAHA!! yeah it was pretty bad. I wouldnt shower in that place either even with shoes. just like how when we went to the bathroom we just squated. you know the saying "if there is not a cover than hover?" yeah..thats what happened haha. oh man, where did he end up staying?