Lost and Not Found

Last week my phone was stolen. straight up. I was at work and I sat next to two new girls that had just started that day. well girl and lady. I dont know their names, nor do i care to know their names after this. So its about 3 30 and I was texting one of my friends. I got up and walked across the room to get my snack from the fridge. I came back and put my head set on and worked for another half hour. I clocked out at 4, walked down to my car, turned on the ignition when I had this feeling to look for my phone. I looked EVERYWHERE. I searched my car, i dumped out my purse, i checked the sidewalk. I finally walked back up stairs and looked where I sat. It was no where to be found. Aw man. So it wasnt until 5 30 when I was talking to my dad and replayed everything back to him, and said. "That girl jacked my phone! Dad she stole my phone!" I was SO UPSET. Not the fact that my phone was gone. Just that someone took something that was not theirs. I dont know, it just bothered me so bad that I got a half hour of sleep that night. The next day the girl sat across from me, and the lady sat behind me. At about 3, my friend asked if maybe my phone was stolen and I said very softly that I think someone stole it. Right when I said that the lady turned around, looked at us and walked over to the girl. They then stood up and walked out into the hallway. Fishey eh? When they walked back in the girl said to me while staring at the screen "sorry you cant find your phone". Everyone in the office went silent. And I told the lady and girl. "You know, if someone stole my phone..I wish they would give it back. I will go out and buy them a new phone if thats what they really want, I just want mine back." They both just looked at eachother and didnt say anything after that. LAME! ITs just dumb, I know who they are and what they did. AND the fact that I have to see them everyday at work. I feel like I always have to watch my back, because they are sketchy to me. I hate feeling that way. I hate not trusting people, but I guess you learn from it right? While this whole thing happened last week, yeah i was REALLY sad about my phone. But I cant even imagine what people feel like when someone steels a kid, or things out of a home, you know what I mean? Anyway so its crappy, but im counting my blessing thats for sure. Im grateful for such great family, and friends who came over to my house and let me cry and yell and be mad while they listened. I dont deserve the friends and family I have, because they are truely great and I love them so much. I guess I supplied someone with a really awesome phone that day. I hope they had a great day, and that I made it so much better for them. Oops sometimes I am sarcastic. only that line was sarcastic though. Anyway thats whats been down in the Ash town.

Also, I went back to college town this weekend. I loved seeing everyone and all my friends. I had such a great time down there and LOVED it. But Im not going to lie I came back way sad. The only thing that kept going through my mind was, 'I wish I would have stayed another semester'.


  1. We totally went through similar situations! That is so crazy! Having something stolen is pretty much the worst ever. But at least we had something good happen from it. :)

  2. People are so lame sometimes. I hate when people take things that do not belong to them. It is just such an icky feeling!

    Heart you girl!