The Bug...

Yes my friends..I have caught the Flu Bug. Boo. I HATE bugs. In two ways. The kind of bugs that crawl all over you and in your mouth while your camping, and the kind of bugs that get you sick. So there for while being sick I..
1. Drank my weight in Fresca. Seriously.
2. Slept... got to get in some zzz if I want to get better..
3. Watched BrideWars
4. Watched 27 Dresses. Speaking of which..LOOK what I found...
umm..Haiii. Can I have yo number??

5. I also watched 'What I Like About You'. Do you guys remember that show? I remember I used to watch it everday in high school. I havent really seen it since 2007. Probably because I havent really watched tv since 2007 either, but never the less. I got to watch an episode and I loved it. Remember these two hottness monsters from the show?? Because they are De-Lish..

Hopefully I can get rid of this crappy flu bug before I head to freaking VEGAS this weekend. Yeah buddy. Enjoy the pictures :) i know my eyes are loving them right about now...


  1. Um.. yeah. Amazing pictures! :) And I LOVE what I like about you! :)

  2. Mmmmm...thanks for sharing the pics...

  3. Ahree, it disturbs me slightly that almost every other post on your blog consists of pictures of half naked men...hmmm. hahaha. jk. ;)