Want to know whats Kool??

These are KoOl things I do in my life..
1. Find a random shopping cart and see how fast you can ride it in the snow..and ice.

2. Have pencil wars with ScNIN

3. Take a picture with the largest snowman ever. Johnny(the one texting) made it. true story.

4. Go get mocktails with the greatest people ever. Love them long time.

5. Pretend to be a Ninja Turtle with Lisa because lets face it..Ninja Turtles were rockin back in the day.Man I miss that show.(do you think it ill be on Hulu? does anyone know?)

6. Get Reunited with the Women of 311. Oh my I miss their faces already!
(left to right: Fresh Spice, Ginger, Posh, Sporty, Scary,and Baby spice)

7. Laugh hard core at this youtube video. Anyone want a 5lb gummy bear? Its only $30 and 12, 900 calories
and YOU are KoOl!!! Hope your having a Fabulous February

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