When we go on adventures..its legit.

The other week Shelbz and I wanted to go on an adventure, So we split up into teams and this is what we had to do.

1. Take a picture with the largest slab of meat..
2. Take a picture wearing red shoes, and representing ST. Patricks Day.(my birthday..represent)
3. Be a display in a display window.
4. Dance with random strangers..
5.  Take a picture making the ugliest face possible. Check..
6. Find the funniest sign and take a picture with it.
7. Take a picture playing on a playground
and im not going to lie..this isnt a play ground. We were running out of time so we stopped at some bleachers and took this picture haha. everyone bought it. Shhhh dont tell


Remember how St. Patricks Day is the best day of the year?? Well...Christmas is number one, but you get my point.
It's the best day of the year because it's my birthday. My grandma back sure is feeling the age..

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  1. Oh my gosh! Ash, can I just say that I freaking miss you?! Because I do! So much! We need to play. Seriously. Next concert I go to, PLEASE come with me! :)