Things I have been doing...

In the past two weeks I have been...

 Catching up with the Women of 311.
Scary Spice aka Cam Cam got married! Yay! It was such a great day to see her and to see all the awesome girls I lived with last year. I am so blessed to have such great women in my life.

 Chillin in Vegas...

 Watching Tornados in a tube..

 Looking at the largest chocolate fountain...EVER.

Playing with the coolest people in Vegas. They are legit, and I luh them.

 Taking the best pictures WHILE in a swim suit...

 Being taught how to say.. "Ramzzyy how arezz youu??"
*example below of what your lips should look like while saying this..*

  taking fun pictures with Bff ShelbDizzle.
*She is AWESOME!! You should read her blog, because she is legit. Pretty much to legit to quit.*

Acting like a fool on a Friday night....
*aint nothin but a thang folks..aint nothin but a thang...*

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend!


  1. You have some pretty cool friends. And they are all beautiful... I bet there was drool in Vegas being wiped off the chins of men after you all walked by.
    Um.... that chocolate fountain, I have a pic of me by that. Wouldn't it be fun to go inside and be drizzled in that there chocolate??? I wonder how hot it is??? (ok, now I am thinking while typing in your comment box...you poor thing!)
    Cheers and Love

  2. Ivy!! you are so adorable!! Thank you for the comment! please think away, i dont mind at all! thank you :) your so awesome!