my little sister is the next jon schmidt.

Shay had a piano concert yesterday with her class, and played like a champ. She even got an award for practicing the most and also for being able to write songs. You go SIS!!

This pictures CRACKS.ME.UP.
OH, and if your wondering my little brother is 12 and already taller than me. boo!

Also, there are going to be some new things to the blog. I'm starting a new "meal plan" called Kristi Approved. My friend at work has been doing the diet and already lost about 15 lbs. She's only in the 8th week! So once a week I'm going to be posting some pictures and talking about how it's going, and how I am feeling and such. I love it because she teaches you HOW to cook good meals and eat well. It's not like one of the quick fix diets. I'll let you know how it goes. Check out the website and look for yourself! She even lets you do WEEK 1 for free! Holla! I'm excited to see what I look like in 12 weeks. I'M GOING TO DO THIS!!!

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