Californication...a second time

So it just hit me..Next week i'll be doing a whole lot of this :
and this:

HOLLA! I'm so stoked!! I havent been to Sea World in a long time. Long time as in when I was 6 ha. What fun things should we do there? Any ideas?


  1. They have a ride! Be sure to go on it :) I'm totally jealous!

  2. LUCKY!! I'm freakin jealous!! The roller coaster is awesome! It's a water roller coaster! I've never been on it cause my parents are cheap but it looked way awesome!! Have fun!
    Love Helen!

  3. Helen!! i love your face! ok i'll have to do the roller coaster! love your dear friend edna

  4. your blog is darling! love it. have so much fun in cali, i was there last week !! love it! xoxo

  5. We recently went on a road trip down the coast. You can check it out on the right hand side of the blog. Its the second travelogue on the list.

    Have a great time!