Pacific Coast Highway

I feel like taking off one weekend and driving down Pacific Coast Highway. Its a goal of mine for the summer, because I have..
 a) never taken off randomly for a road trip and
b) because I have yet taken a drive on PCH.
{image source unknown}
I'm thinking I might just do it...ASAP


  1. dude! i have always had that dream! I have been on parts of it driving to the coast in Oregon, but i wanna do the whole thing! and in my dream i have rented a really hot convertible as well : )

  2. hahah!! i feel like we have the same dream. driving down pch in a hot convertible. HOLLA! Marissa, you should join in as well! it can be a fun blog party down the pacific coast highway! woot!

  3. Yes! You need to! It's gorgeous- I miss living there!