The weather outside is not frightful

It' Summer! My eyes are loving the beautiful weather outside right now. It just makes me want to play out in the sun today!

{image provided by google images}
What are some of your favorite summer activities? I'm in need of some fun ideas!


  1. You should get a few of the "girls" together for a long day at the local pool... sun bathing and sippin' punch oh so fun. haha. :) Or you can take a day trip to the beach if you live close.... aka 1 or 2 hours away.


  2. makay haha i WISH i lived by the beach! swimming at a local pool would be awesome, then i could use the diving board! your so awesome!

  3. Oooh I love the sunshine. But I like the current 80 degree sunshine...not the typical 120 degree summer that I am blessed with in Northern California. Ugh. THat makes me crazy!