family and california equals one great combo.

For the past week and a half I have been in CALIFORNIA! It was so much fun! The weather was beyond awesome, and so sunny. The whole trip the only song I would sing was "California Girls" by Katy Perry.

This trip invovled, but not limited to...

Us kids being beyond hyper while in the car. What does 3 redheads and brunette equal? Complete chaos!

Searching for sand crabs..

Crack in two ways.. ha just kidding

Some major sand adventures. "his hips dont lie"

Sea World!

Touching and feeding the Sting Rays. The whole family had a blast here!

We also took some really awkward pictures..

Six Flags!
I loved all the rollercoasters! Except for Tatsu, I may or may not have said a potty mouth word on that one. Oh, and don't even worry I lost a shoe on X2. Yup, it was all in slow motion. It was at the very end of the ride when we did one last flip, and my shoe just launched off my foot. I screamed (in the slow motion kind of way) NOOOOO!! But it was to late. I walked off the ride and the security guys started laughing at me. Boo on them. So what did we do you ask? I went and got some flip flops and continued on our day. Then when the park closed I got my shoe. Thank heavens! And thanks to my family who waited for me to get it, even though we were all starving.  At least I have a funny story to tell right?

Oh, and I took this picture because I thought he was HAWT and wanted to talk to him. Aint nothin but a thang...

Anyway I loved spending the time with my family and in the sweetness of Cali. Hope you all had a great week!


  1. wow... it looks like you had a fabulous time!! great photos!

  2. Thanks so much Leigh Ashley!