Breaking Dawn

Did you know I have 5 pages left in this book. Yeah..5 pages!!! I just want to know what happens in the last part. But then again, there is apart of me that doesn't want to finish until the movie comes out. Then it will be a surprise...

SSSSHHHH don't tell me what happens..
But, should I wait? or should I finish?


  1. You're that big of a Twilight Fan and you haven't finished the books?!?

    My advice: books are better than movies, so experience it first with the book. Also, I don't think that knowing the story ruins movies at all... Besides, a good movie or book makes me feel something EVERY TIME I watch it, not just the first (Will Mr. Darcy & Elizabeth ever get over themselves and get together? Will Prince Charming find Cinderella? Will Edward return to Bella?)... Sorry for the long schpeal. Just read it!

  2. Five pages? Psh. You are pretty much done the book. You have all the important deets anyways. I vote round that sucker out and finish it. That way when the movie comes out you can re-live it in all its glory.

  3. FINISH IT!!!! It will be better then the movie for sure. The books always are!

  4. I don't even remember what happens in this book.. I haven't read the series since like 2008! But I think you should finish it!

    (Pssst I love fishing too!! And motorcycle rides = heaven)

  5. You still haven't finished!! Come on Edna!! You were reading that clear back in first semester! Finish it!
    LOVE, Helen!

  6. Alea, I loved your long schpeal. And I loved that you used Mr. Darcy & Elizabeth in your comment :) ha.
    Melissa, I like the way you think! now when the movie comes out, i'll just relive all the awesomeness. yess.
    Alex, Books are better. And i love your freaking california face! ha
    Kell, I started reading Breaking Dawn in 2008. but just finished today. hah whoops?
    Helen, just dont hate me ok? luh your face. love edna.