Dad, the boys, sissy and I went fishing today at 5 AM. We just fished in the boat all morning long, while snacking on some sweedish fish and looking out to the beautiful scenery. We loved every minute of the day.

To bad this was the only thing we caught...
I'm talking about the ugly crawdad, not my brother...


  1. Haha. that is ugly... not your bro... the crawfish... haha.

    And I love fishing on boats... but most of all I love tubing... and wakeboarding... yet of course that is another story. ;)

    looks like funnnn.


  2. Ash,

    You are so funny! I love reading your posts. They make me laugh every time!

    That's awesome that you guys went fishing all together. I love family get togethers full of bonding and fun! haha I sound like such a dork.

  3. makay! we ARE friends, because basically we both LOVE wakeboarding and tubing. yes!
    Em, i freaking love your face. im glad i can make you laugh :) no you dont sound like a dork. family bonding time is bomb