little story of my wednesday night

I went longboarding last night in a canyon, with a boy.

I ate the asphalt, then rolled down a hill. Literally.

He chased after me (what a good guy).

We laughed.

I am now saying hello to my new friends that are staying on my hands, elbow and thigh. Lucky me.

P.S. I have only been longboarding once before. And by once before, I mean in my culdesac.

Not to shabby for my second time, eh?


  1. OMG!! Well, that sounds like fun!! I've always wanted to longboard - too old now!!


  2. kiki, you are never to old! you should try it. its an adventure!

  3. Hmmmm! A boy? Fill me in love!! Who is he? Whats his name? And all that jazz!! Hope you didn't get too banged up! Now we both have crazy crashing stories!! I'll tell you about mine later!! Its a good one!

    Love Helen

  4. longboarding down the canyon is awesome and hilarious.. i remember i almost died my first time ha.. xoxo