It just hit me that this month things is going to be full of changes. Big girl changes too.
My very best friend Kirst is getting married on Saturday. Such a great day to be married if you ask me. Next, school is starting in 3 weeks. I haven't been in school for 8 months, so that is going to be a change in my schedule. Not to mention it's a big school, with over 30, 000 students. That will be a big change because I'm used to Collegetown. But none the less, I'm excited and ready for my new adventure life will be giving me this month. Hopefully I can do it..


  1. That was me that accidentally clicked on funny. Haha. Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog! Sorry I'm a terrible commenter! Good luck with school! Hope I'll see you at my farewell on Sunday!

  2. Ash, you are going to do great! I just love you so much! Thanks for all your support in everything! I miss you like crazy, but I love seeing all the great things you are doing. Good luck and remember, you can make it through anything! Love you!

  3. @Jordan-thank you so much! good luck on your mission :) im so happy for you!

    @Farrah-thanks so much for your support and sweet words! love ya my redheaded friend :)