moving to a university.

school starts tomorrow, and i'm a little stressed out about it.
collegetown has 1,500 students and university has 30,000 students. you see the stress?
i dont know what to wear. and by that i mean i haven't gone school clothes shopping yet.
take that back, i did get a pair of jeans.
what if i cant find my classes?
i have not purchased my books yet, so hopefully my teachers won't give any homework.
institute starts tonight.
hopefully i can make some new friends.
i have a headache right now. and the butterflies in my stomach are fluttering up into my throat.
k, but for real. what do i wear?!!


  1. Ah! I felt a little stressed just by reading this post haha

    I still get as nervous for school as I did when I was back in 1st grade. If I had access to your closet (not in a creepy way) I would help you pick something cute out. Wear something laid back and classy.

  2. i so know the feeling! haha and am stressed as well!!! p.s. i'm obsessed with your hair

  3. Dear Edna!! You're too awesome not to make friends!! Ps I miss 312!! The other night i saw lights on in our room! Someone else is living in our room!! weird!! Miss you!!

    Love Helen!

  4. @kaleena im glad we both feel the same way about school. and i wish you could have helped me pick out an outfit because you have great style!
    @keena did you start school this week too?! and thank you for the sweet comment! :)
    @helen thanks! your awesome, everyday :). i miss 312 too. sometimes i watch our old videos and look at pictures and just think of all the fun we had. oh man, i miss you like crazy!! i think you should come up here so we can have a sleepover! miss you! love, edna

  5. Ash,
    I freaking love you! And Sunday night I sat in my room wondering what the heck I had gotten myself into. And I missed our little college. :( But I really don't think you have anything to worry about, you are SO cute and have such a cute style that whatever you decided to wear looked excellent. :)
    I miss you!