i went camping with some of my family last weekend, and we had a blast. brother, cousin and i met up with my uncle, grandparents, and one other cousin friday night. the drive there was so much fun, because brother, cousin and i just sat and laughed our butts off the whole way.
when we were there we caught some fish, cooked good food, chilled out under the beautiful stars, and just enjoyed one another. i love my family.
 the only downfall was when we were driving back it took 8 1/2 hours to get home due to a fire in wyoming(it normally takes only 3 hours). thus causing us to pass through 3 different states, and one LONG drive. it's always an adventure with ash att that's for dang sure.
i hope everyone is having a lovely day. tomorrow is friday! yay!


  1. i miss camping. haven't been in forever!!!


  2. camping is so fun! i'm glad you all agree :)
    monica you should go soon!