sweet potatoe waffles.

 i love waffles.
 i could eat them for every meal if i really wanted to, because they are THAT good.
these waffles are sweet potatoe waffles.
made from eggs, sweet potatoes, vanilla, and cinnamin.
they are so delicious.
don't dog until you try them.
i love the live the life, because every meal is so yummy.
a couple of the meals i made for tomorrow.
tomorrow is going to be a good day, i can feel it.

p.s. i went to the store today to get ONE thing, and came back with a bag full of stellar clothes items.
looks like tomorrow i'll be posting some of the outfits.
 tomorrow=good day.


  1. Ha ha, whenever I go to the store with a list for a couple things, I will ALWAYS come back with more. And I love waffle fries.

  2. Same here! Especially when grocery shopping. It's bad!