{fill in the blank friday}

image via bcmagazine

1. True happiness is feeling those warm fuzzies inside, and being happy and content with your life.

2. The most surreal moment of my life was when i moved out of my house to go to collegetown. it didnt feel real, but i was so excited for my new adventure.

3. My favorite texture is anything. im not really picky.

4. My signature color is purple. i own alot of purple. but it just matches everything. love!

5. My signature style is layers. is that a style? i like to layer everything, and have things not matching. but i also mix styles alot, so i dont think i just have one style.

6. If I could choose one store to spend my life savings at, it would be H&M. seriously, that store makes me have a shop-gasm(alex!! haha). i love that it has a ton of different items and styles and you dont have to pay a pretty penny for it.

7. My best thing about fall  is everything. i love the changing colors, weather, clothes, chili runs in the caynon, and overall feeling that comes with fall.

what are your answers to these questions?
do you have a style?
what is your favorite store?
do you love fall?

Happy Friday
and first day of October!

thanks lauren for the great fill in the blank!


  1. I pretty much am the Queen of Layers. I love layering like a fat kid loves cake.

    Shop-gasm. Best. Thing. Ever. I am of the philosophy that every word is better with 'gasm' at the end.


  2. My signature style is metal. I love mixing something lace/flowie with something edge/hard. Like my lace dress with a leather jacket and metal-studded boots.
    My new favorite shoes: dainty heels layered with black silk and metal studded balls lining the heel and sole. ;)
    Yep, that's me!

  3. I love layering too :) And fall is definitely the best time of the year!

  4. @alex,word. i like that philosophy.
    @ashlan i like that style! i saw your engagement pictures and your outfit was ADORABLE!
    @sam im glad that you agree with fall being the best time of the year. are you loving all the pretty colors?