i collected these treasures this weekend when i was with my mom in the upper part of the state.
right now I'm going through this weird weird kick when it comes to clothes and jewelry.
treasures equal rocknroll right?
but wear a skirt on a windy day.
that's not so much rocknroll.


  1. Sweet! I like the one on the left the best.

    speaking of skirts. i'm haunted by them ever since the 1st grade. on picture day, my mom dressed me in a flowy skirt that ended right above my knees with tights underneath. Well, I went to the bathroom and I unknowingly tucked my skirt into my tights in the back.... i found out about three hours later.

    Enough said.

  2. lauren!! you are lovely :)
    kaleena! that is so so sad, and my worst fear every. i cant believe that happened to you!