collegetown dance party.

in collegetown we like to dance, especially when there is glow in the dark paint involved.
it was so great to see all my favorite ladies, and to be able to dance with them all night.
we danced, laughed, and screamed "rock on" way to much.
we were also lucky to be able to watch general conference together.
it was awesome, and i love collegetown.
yesterday i thought about the past three years of my life. i thought about how i didnt want to go to collegetown but it felt right. how thankful i am that heavenly father has a better plan than the plans i want make. i wouldn't have had all the experiences, and i also would not have met all the
beautiful, wonderful people. they are all such great examples and how thankful i am for everyone in collegetown.

i love you friends.


  1. Fun! You look a lot like one of my good friends from highschool, it's trippin me out!

  2. Loved the weekend. It was a blast and I'm so glad you came down. It definitely made it 10 times better.

    Love you and can't wait for you to come down again. :)

  3. Ash, you're too cute. And its so true about how everything just works out. Its a good thing everything isn't always in our hands, things might get scary! Cute pics though. I love your crazy self:D

  4. Oh my gosh. This was SOO much fun! I already miss you.
    Can we just live this weekend over and over again?

  5. Hahaha! I like the picture of me going cross-eyed! Cute!! I LOVE US!!! Come back soon!!
    Love Helen!