october 1940

tonight was the Murder Mystery Dinner for university. The 3 Ash's and Alley got all dolled up in 1940's attire, and we had a blast.
Molley: the head cheerleader, and former class president. she and Lana are best friends, but hates Phineas.
Lana: married to Phineas but really loves Frankie.
Phineas: Lana's husband, and big shot surgeon with a huge ego. no one really likes him
Frankie: the bad boy that all women love
Gloria: very much manly and single. she would do anything to fall in love
Peggy: wanted to be a famous movie star, but instead became a librarian. a very nervous woman
Cliff: used to be number 1 selling horror writing, but hasn't been doing well with his sales.
Milton: psychologist. wanted to impress everyone tonight but failed miserably. causing him to rage all night.
At the end of the night Phineas and Frankie were dead.

so who do you think was the murder?
let's take a vote


  1. Hi,

    I can't call it, but you look very pretty in this picture, I think they might have just been concentrating on you...LOL

    Really, very nice, and thanks for the comment. I will stay in touch if you do...

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  2. keep guessing! I will post the answer on thursday!