sometimes when your under the weather it's ok to watch a plethora amount of movies.

It's true. I believe it was bronchitis that hit me this week. thank you weather.
so this weekend i a) did NOT dress up for halloween. but b) watched movies and lounged around. and that's ok. sometimes your body just needs to rest and heal.
so the movies i watched..
-julie and julia
-how to train your dragon
-batman (1992 version) with mr penguin
-back to the future
-4 episodes of bewitched aka my favorite tv show. yes it's the black and white version.

hope everyone had a great halloween
maybe next year will be more eventful at our house.


  1. umm i LOVE back to the future, how dare you watch it w. out me ! ha jk but i hope youre feelin bettas! xoxo

  2. BACK TO THE FUTURE!!! wooo! I love that movie.

    And being lazy (especially when you are sick) is the bees knees. Being lazy is what I do best.

  3. I'm sorry you don't feel good, but whenever I'm sick I ALWAYS watch a ton of movies too! Get well soon!

  4. @ashley im sorry! ha next time i watch it i will be sure to let you know!
    @kaleena i agree with the bees knees bidnazz (ha!). back to the future is great, dont you think :)
    @nicole thanks for the comment! thank you! hot chocolate helps while being sick right? ha. hope you have a grand day. stop by again :)