november=yummy food.

yes, the canned pumpkin is smiling at YOU! because you are wonderful.
to bad its half smiling in the fridge due to me using it for pumpkin protein shakes.
ps is it just me or does it resemble the character on "Night Before Christmas"?

 this would be the 26 inch(YES!!) pizza that we consumed this weekend. we love THE PIE because it's underground, you can write all over the walls, and the pizza is amazing.
it also happens to be the same weekend that i may or may not have asked for a guys number because he was mega hot. i couldn't pass it up. have i called him yet? no. will i? probably not. but it sure was fun, and we had lots of laughs about it on the car ride home.

the other night johnny came over to my house and we shared a bowl of pomegranate. it was awesome, and delicious. we also started laughing so hard we almost threw up. to be honest, i'm not even sure what we were laughing about. but it sure was funny!

November is awesome already!
don't you agree?
ps thank you for your comments on the previous post. i am currently going through my closet and room. so check back!
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  1. That pizza looks amazing. Makes me want some hawaiian pizza. :)

  2. what the beep!
    pumpkin protein shake?!
    Can I get the recipe?!

  3. so dang cute!!! i am glad you are loving November my dear, i cant belive i havent seen you since last month ;) he he.


  4. yes the pizza was amazing, and we stuffed our faces :)

  5. ohhhh canned pumpkin smiley face- i love it. and that pizza looks uhmazing. now i am hungry and need to eat something!