christmas is the best time of the year.

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yesterday my friend came over to make chocolate chip gingerbread cookies(they were amazing). she left to go have dinner with her family, so then i dilly dallied around the house until the Christmas Devotional started. I went to go turn on the TV, and it wouldn't work. i started to get to angry because a) WHY do tv's have to have 4 remotes to even get it to work and b) the tv wouldn't turn on. probably because i never watch tv, so i couldn't figure out which buttons to use on each of the remotes. what happened to the old school remotes where you press the POWER button, then use the up and down arrows to get to the channel? anyway thats not the point of this, my point being after 20 minutes i finally got the devotional on. it was wonderful. i LOVED the music and the talks. they were so inspirational, and i really felt the Christmas spirit. go here to watch and hear the beautiful words and music.whether your of my faith or not, it really is wonderful and brings such a great Christmas spirit. 
it really got me thinking about this Christmas, and how i don't want to waste one minute. I'm trying to soak it all in, because this will be the last Christmas we will have all together as a family for a couple years.
despite all the hustle and bustle of finals, i really want to make sure i feel the Christmas spirit everyday.
i love Christmas
i'm grateful for my Savior and that we get to celebrate him
i love my family
i love wonderful friends
i love the gospel. after all gospel means good news.

Merry Christmas


  1. haha seriously. i hate that when the tv isn't working there is a list of remotes to try. ugh!

  2. i'm glad im not the only one who thinks that way! ha!

  3. loved the devotional too!
    happy holidays cute lady!