thank goodness it's friday.

i'm exhausted.
burnt out.
tired of papers.
not looking forward to taking 7 tests in the next week.
i just want to sleep.
maybe i shouldn't go to bed at 1 in the morning.
this has just been a bad week, and i want it to just be sunday.
at least i only have 2 weeks left of the semester, then NO SCHOOL for 2 years.
praise the heavens!
other than that, i'm so excited it's december! december equals christmas music, trees, fun lights, hot cocoa, fun hats, warm jackets, fun parties, great food, awesome family, and wonderful friends.
is it just me or is december pretty much the best month of the year?
happy weekend!


  1. Um.. would you be mad if I stole your hat?

  2. Good Luck with your tests hunni. I'm sure you'll rock it <3

  3. @kaleena no i wouldnt mind one bit :)
    @libby thank you so much!! your so sweet