holidays equals love.

the holidays are the best time of the year because we get to spend it with the ones we love. i LOVE all my family and friends. how thankful i am for them. the holidays have been so great. we had lots of laughs with papa and cousin. i also went to bestfriends game to watch her cheer. kesley kels came up for a couple hours last thursday and we had so much fun together. we ran LOTS of errands and shared some great laughs. i went and saw TRON(awesome movie!) with two friends who share the same love for nikes. little sis and i purchased the same hat. best purchase ever. can you believe 2010 is almost over? im excited for 2011 and all the adventures that will take place. who's ready to take on 2011?!
happy holidays,

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  1. glad to hear that your holidays were good honey! you and your sis are too cute :)