a duck and the bartender.

a duck walks into a bar- he asks the bartender "hey got any grapes?"

the bartender confused answers "no"

the duck says "ok" and walks away
the next day the duck comes back "hey got any grapes?"
bartender says "no"
day after day the duck walks in and asks the same thing.
Every day the bartender says no
finally the bartender says "look ya stupid duck- if you come in here one more time and ask me that i'm gonna nail your feet to the bar"
the next day the duck walks in and says "hey- got any nails?"
"ok.................got any grapes?"

joke told via friend.


  1. Did you know there is a song about this? Have you seen it? Its a kids song. My cousin sang it on a ukelele this Christmas. It was pretty much ridiculous.

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtN1YnoL46Q

  3. LOVE that you posted this!!

    My dad has been telling me this joke since I was 10. He still tells it all the time, like he thinks it's the first time I'm hearing it. It never gets old :)