new years eve & collegetown adventure.

New Years Eve was wonderful. I went to Kirst's house and we ate lots of yummy food and played fun games. I mean come one how can you not love hot wings, Just Dance 2, and rock band? It was so great to play with her family and our friends. I love them. As we rang in the new year a couple thoughts came to my mind. First,"man, this year has been great but im so glad it's over." Second, "i'm so excited for this new year, and new adventures coming my way." Third, "i want to drive to college town to see my friends right now(at one in the morning)."
So guess what I did?
I didn't drive to collegetown at one in the morning, but i did drive down a couple hours later.
can I just tell you how much I love my friends down there? I can't get enough of them. I miss them every day. We went to Wingers, then went back and watched Easy A. Which by the way, that movie is great. A little on the..scandalous side but none the less hilarious.  We then went to our friends game shop and dinked around. It was great, and we laughed A LOT. Let's just say there was a lot of laughing, jokes, wrestling, and bruises. aka that big nasty bite on Mitch's arm. ha!
This weekend was lovely. Now it's back to work, paperwork, working out, and no treats.

hope every one had a lovely weekend as well.
hello 2011.


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  1. Well I just came across your cute little blog! It's so fun and exciting! So I decided to follow you because you are just too cute! Hope you're doing alright!

  2. @Lauren! you are so stinkin cute! thanks so much for the sweet comment. i am doing well thank you. how are you doing? hope to see you more often. have a wonderful day.
    ash att

  3. happpy new year!

    your really red tongue in that pic is rad. oh and i want that beanie animal hat of yours.


  4. ooh i'm so glad you left a comment on my blog, cause now i've discovered yours! my 2 main comments: you have AMAZING hair, and you are so sweet! ;)

  5. ash! girl i haven't seen you this year yet. when can you play next week? we could work out or make a healthy din din?

    looks like you had a fabo time and im glad you got to go to your collegetown. im jealous that all my friends have moved away from mine. i love ya girl!
    happy new year.


  6. @kelly Thank you so much! your so sweet! hope to see you around here more often :)
    @ash i love your face! i know i havent seen you in a while. lets go to the gym then make a dinner yeah? you can get a free guest pass and we can go :) give me call. love ya woman!

    happy new year