they were jumping on tree's, houses...beds.

this weekend i went to stay out at my cousins house to tend over night. we had LOTS of fun. my little cousin lily(the little red head on my shoulders) loved getting on my shoulders. "run faster, run faster!"
we then went around giving high fives with her foot, and she was laughing so hard. i also ate blue candy with my other cousin. love the tongues? yeah we did too. 
man family is the best, and i love them.
oh and we also watched lots of this
we were laughing so hard. now my cousins and i share lots of inside jokes. 
"randy?? rraaanndddyy?"
"give me the monies"
hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. 
can you believe january is almost over?!


  1. Oh Lily and Gabby are so cute! Ps I like your outfit! Love you!

  2. you look like a celebrity... but i can't think of what one!

  3. @helen thank you!! love you! xo edna
    @kaleena people tell me i look like a Judd. is that the one?